Frequently asked questions

Why buy from scootersandstuff.com?

We are not only service providers and customer satisfaction specalists, WE ARE riders and own most if not all of the items we sell personally!! Here at scooters and stuff, we don't just 'sell' you the hottest item of the week.........we test every unit we sell to make sure it is up to standard, this allows us to have the best product knowledge and hands on experience.

Do you offer warranties on your products?

Yes! We offter a year warranty on all products including battery and motor components.....you know, the most expensive components of the bike!! We want to make sure you know you're covered!

How fast do your scooters and electric cycles go?

Here at scooters and stuff, we sell mild to wild!! That means scooters that top out at 15mph all the way up to scooters that can hit 60mph!! It's all up to you which flavor you want to experience!!

How far can you travel on a single charge with your scooters and electric cycles?

Here at scooters and stuff, we offer multiples options to suit every budget. Want to go 15miles per charge? We got that......want to go 100 miles per charge, we can make that happen too!!