5000 Watt Vintage Street Mobber EB5000 Street Cycle
  • 5000 Watt Vintage Street Mobber EB5000 Street Cycle

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    This is the one!!  Welcome to the EB5000 Vintage Street Mobber, this model comes with a HUGE!  40-50ah battery for up to 100 miles of heart throbbing range per charge(depending on rider weight and driving style)  The 5000w motor will propel you to 80-120 km/h!!  That's between 50mph to 74mph depending on which spec you order!! (Ask about add on performance custom orders) All this while costing a mere 80 cents to fill the tank in some areas.  When you go electric, you'll feel the motor come to life as you twist the throttle and allow the instant torque to take you to new highs!!  This bike is one of the nicest electric cycles you'll ride in it's price range, do not hesitate to ask questions and find out all you can about this one, you won't regret it!!


    With gas prices the way they are right now,(way too expensive) it only makes sense to ride electric, and ride in STYLE you will with this bad boy, Get the EB5000 today!!

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