✅Electric scooter 500w10inch Folding lightweight. BIG🔋 W/seat🔥🔥👀
  • ✅Electric scooter 500w10inch Folding lightweight. BIG🔋 W/seat🔥🔥👀

    You're looking at a super fun 48volt 500watt electric scooter, this scooter is powerful for adults and can be speed adjusted for kids too!! This scooter can handle a maximum rider weight of 306lbs. 


    It can charge in around 3 to 5hrs.  Maximum riding distance tested from factory at 20+miles. Perfect money saver with the rising cost of Gas!   I own every scooter I sell and love to ride these machines.  This scooter comes with a one year warranty on batteries and motor and my husband has a small shop where he and I take care of all of our customers repairs personally!!  We have a great relationship with our suppliers, this means we have access to spare parts and can keep your scooter running great for years to come! 


    This scooter has a nice front suspension and is a step up from the smaller 8.5 inch scooters, once you ride on the 10 inch larger tires you'll see the difference in ride quality and comfort and speed!!  With three speed settings you'll definitely be satisfied with the power and range.  This scooter also will come with a seat......... super comfy! The scooter folds up very easily and the handles also fold in for extra compact storage.  The folding is simple with a simple push to the button near the front wheel. 


    Acceleration is a breeze with the trigger throttle.  The scooter also has regenerative braking technology!!!  This means every time you apply the brakes it charges the batteries, very cool feature.  All units will come with a charger and tool kit for convenient adjustments and  set up making sure the brake handles, light and horn switches are where you want them for maximum comfort.  Each scooter will also come with two key remotes and motion detector alarm!!! Perfect for security 👍.  This scooter is awesome, happy riding!!!!

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